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About Us

Come now into the Earthborn Rainforest, your new online OJAYA classroom an oasis of wonder amidst the cornfields of rural Iowa … hidden quietly in a field of dreams.

Now — with a click of your mouse — you can enter this serene space to experience the most extraordinary knowledge and personal upliftment, surrounded by a peaceful organic ecosystem, replete with mango trees, tropical birds, waterfalls and thriving pond life. 

The Ojaya Deep Meditation course is headquartered on location here in the Earthborn Rainforest, your new online jungle classroom.

Sukaishi David
travelled the world as a direct student of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the early days of the Art of Living Foundation. After years of serving and teaching, Sukaishi retired from Art of Living for new adventures into rare and unknown secrets of deep meditation which cannot be had by the casual tourist or reader. His travels and life in India eventually brought him to the hidden OJAYA teachings. Sukaishi’s unique knowledge is a priceless treasure and gift to all new meditators as well as to the most advanced meditation teachers everywhere.

Video coming soon on this page: Sukaishi David relates his own personal bio and the story of his 45-year journey of discovery into the lost teachings of deep meditation, reawakened from the ruins of time.