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This Lesson will introduce you to the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course. Enjoy! — Gary Boucherle, Director of the OJAYA School

Prep Talk 5

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero

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People around the world constantly struggle with “monkey mind” in their meditations. They get harassed by a torrent of overpowering thoughts that do not let them settle deep and blissfully into their meditation.

“Monkey mind” is most often the result of improper meditation practice due to misunderstandings from diluted, modern-day methods that are taught everywhere.

Yet with proper technique, the “monkeys” become quickly tamed.

With mantra meditation, it is especially important to master the simple art of how to meditate easily and effortlessly.

People often think they’ll get better results if they concentrate more and “try harder” in their meditation, but this only creates strain and headaches.

As we will experience later on the OJAYA Lessons, there is absolutely no effort or strain with OJAYA Deep Meditation — only a natural flow of consciousness like a pure mountain river flowing to the ocean.

There is yet another cause of “monkey mind” that can occur when someone takes a strong power mantra in a forceful or arrogant manner. This subtle point is often overlooked or forgotten in many meditation traditions today.

This wondrous knowledge of how to gracefully receive a power mantra will ensure that you gain maximum joy and benefits from your daily meditations. It’s a commonsense but long-lost secret that we will discuss here in this talk.

And as we will see, everything here is really very simple. To learn OJAYA, all that is required is a measure of honor and respect — and a sincere willingness to follow the ancient ways of receiving, learning and practicing this powerful technique of deep meditation.



With OJAYA, we never get disturbed by “monkey mind.” In fact, the monkeys are quickly tamed by the soothing sound of the mantra that is richly empowered and received in a heartfelt space of gratitude and honor.

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Prep Talk 5

The Secret Knowledge of Ojaya:
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