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Whether you’re the newest beginner or you’re currently practicing some other meditation technique, these 8 epic talks by Sukaishi David are a powerful awakening.

You’ll learn secrets you never knew about how meditation mantras work — and why OJAYA uses only the highest class of mantra: the Hero Power Mantra.

You’ll learn how “popularized” meditations taught today are actually watered-down versions of methods that were lost centuries ago.

You’ll learn the differences between “monk meditation” and “householder meditation” — and discover why most meditations taught today are actually geared for a reclusive monk lifestyle!

You’ll learn why OJAYA is the supreme meditation for busy people — like you — who live in the real world.

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You’ll feel peaceful, serene, and elevated with this wondrous knowledge — whether or not you choose to continue onwards with the OJAYA Deep Meditation Core Course.

We’re thrilled to share with you these rare, ancient teachings — coming to you today from the deep forests of a time almost forgotten.

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Are you ready — right now — to dive deep in meditation? Take the fast track with the complete OJAYA Deep Meditation Core Course.

You will also receive the OJAYA Prep Course — FREE. You’ll find both video Courses in your new Earthborn Rainforest online classroom, so all you have to do is sit back, listen, and enjoy!

Your OJAYA Core Course contains the complete OJAYA Lessons and Quizzes to enjoy at your leisure. As Sukaishi David guides you every step of the way, you’ll learn and experience these simple, ancient secrets to blissful, clear consciousness.

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