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“Lost Techniques of Deep Meditation”

Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Meditate?
3 Top Mistakes in Meditation and Mindfulness Practices that Millions of People of Do Every Day

A live talk by Sukaishi David
streamed from the Earthborn Rainforest

Friday, November 27

London: 3 pm
New York: 10 am
Chicago: 9 am
Los Angeles: 7 am
Nepal: 9 pm

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All are invited!


This is a “must see” event for anyone and everyone who is
interested in deep meditation practice — so please invite your

Sukaishi will explain in great detail some very common mistakes
that millions around the world make in their meditation practices
each day. You’ll learn how simple misunderstandings prevent you
from diving deep into blissful, restful meditation.

One important focus will be on practices of “breath meditation” —
with many fascinating topics along the way.

The program is presented from Nepal, so there will be introductions in the Nepali language. But rest assured, Sukaishi’s talk will be in English! As for the length of the program, it depends on how long Sukaishi wishes to speak … so we shall see!

Sukaishi will cover many practical and exquisite details about
the art of deep meditation. However this talk will also be easily
understood by even the very newest beginner who has never done
meditation before. Anyone who has heard Sukaishi speak knows that
his whole job (as he says) is to “make meditation simple.”

We never know what to expect next when Sukaishi speaks in the
Earthborn Rainforest. So as usual, be sure to buckle your

Warm wishes,
Gary Boucherle
OJAYA Deep Meditation
in the Earthborn Rainforest
tel: 641-472-3300