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Prep Talk 3

We’re so happy to see you here!


Today we’re going to learn some essential knowledge about deep meditation that is not taught in other meditation schools today.

Yes, many of the things you are about to hear will sound very famililar to you. But wait — we’ve got some surprises in store for you that you need to know if you want to enjoy deep, powerful, blissful, energizing meditations.

Prep Talk 3 comes to you in three parts. There is so much information in this talk that we thought it best to enjoy it in a very relaxed, “no hurry” way — in easy bites — hence the three parts.

Today is where we now delve deeper into the OJAYA teachings to discover many things about the power of mantras that are generally unknown to those who practice meditation.

We’re now laying the foundation to understand the supreme value of these traditional OJAYA teachings, which you will begin to appreciate more and more as we continue our journey together.

So let’s continue onwards now to Prep Talk 3, Part 1


P.S. Very special knowledge awaits you on Part 3! But please do not skip ahead.

Be sure to watch Parts 1 and 2 first!


On the path of OJAYA there are many secrets — and surprises along the way!

Prep Talk 3

How the Power of Mantra
Enlivens Your Energy for
Happiness, Health & Success

29 minutes

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Mantras: the Language of Nature

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The Forgotten Knowledge of
Monk & the Householder

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