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Yoga Retreats!

Q. Sukaishi, where can I go to get the best yoga training?

The best place to find a huge variety of expert yoga training around the world is at

These people specialize in hand-picked, authentic yoga instruction and incredible yoga holidays around the world. They have high standards that are not compromised for commercial interests, and the entire staff is a fountain of loving energy.

What’s great about today’s technology is that you can learn yoga anytime at home online! Here you’ll find tons of online meditation retreats that will make you feel like you’re right there in some exotic location — along with the rest of the group — all learning yoga and practicing together as one loving family.

If travel is what you’re craving, there are plenty of meditation retreats in the US to choose from.

And (my favorites), if you’d like to visit the motherland of yoga — and become a teacher! — there’s a lot of yoga teacher training in India set in dreamy locations that will surely be an adventure of a lifetime for you.

So start online, or set your compass for a wondrous journey abroad. Just make yoga and meditation an integral part of your natural, organic lifestyle!

Health and blessings,

Sukaishi David

Sukaishi David has a 46-year history of teaching deep meditation and holistic health.

Sukaishi is the loving founder of the OJAYA School of Deep Meditation, headquartered in the Earthborn Rainforest.