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Terms and Conditions:

The OJAYA Honor Policies

In ancient times, a student was accepted into a meditation school with great honor, and the student also showed the same respect to the teacher and the school. Here in the Earthborn Rainforest, we maintain these same traditional values.

Use of the website and all OJAYA videos and Courses constitutes your agreement to honor the OJAYA teachings and safeguard the knowledge and content that you receive, and to abide by these terms and conditions at all times both during and after your use of our web site and/or Course content, including our content which may appear elsewhere than our website at

Please feel free to watch and enjoy the OJAYA Prep Course (the “Welcome to OJAYA” videos) with all your family, friends, and loved ones. It’s wonderful to share this knowledge with people you care for.

In contrast, the 24-Lesson OJAYA Deep Meditation Core Course is for your personal and private use only, exclusively for enrolled students. You agree at all times not to share, teach, disclose, copy, transmit, post or publish the Course contents, whether online, verbally or in any other manner whatsoever, which includes but is not limited to the sharing or teaching of the Ojaya mantra or the instructions for its use.

As per our traditional guidelines, you agree that you will not duplicate or copy any OJAYA video or other Course materials, but instead you will access all Course materials only through our website at

Our school holds to the ancient, traditional ways of teaching, therefore our courses are never available for sale or purchase for private ownership. All OJAYA / Earthborn Rainforest videos, content and teaching materials remain at all times the property of the Ojaya Dharma Sangha and the Earthborn Rainforest and are licensed for your personal use within these specific terms and timeframes. We provide our wonderful Students with a generous Course enrollment period of 180 days in our online classroom (also called your online “seat”). After course expiration, you can always purchase an extension for a nominal fee if you desire.

Monthly Easy Pay Plan Enrollment:

If you have enrolled in a Course with a monthly Easy Pay Plan, you agree to honor this arrangement and to continue making your monthly payments in a timely manner until your enrollment is fully paid. Please understand that as a not-for-profit organization, we rely on your enrollment fee to fund our school.

Course Refunds:

As you learn and experience the OJAYA technique for yourself, we sincerely doubt you will want a refund on your OJAYA Deep Meditation Course. But if you do, we give you our 40-Day 100% Refund Pledge. This allows you to watch the entire 24-Lesson course at no risk. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly issue you a full refund of your course fee if you request it during this 40-day timeframe. We want you to be happy!

Extra Session: OJAYA Title of Honor

After completing the OJAYA Deep Meditation 24-Lesson course, we have an extra session for you to enjoy when you are completely satisfied and thrilled with the Course, and you choose not to request a refund. In this extra session, Sukaishi David will bestow on you the OJAYA “Title of Honor” for your accomplishments to complete both the OJAYA Prep Course and the OJAYA Deep Meditation Core Course. He also gives a delightful informal talk.

After you complete Lesson 24, there is a gap of about 20 hours before you can access your “Title of Honor” session. Arriving at this page will signal to us that you have successfully completed the Course and you are happy and grateful for the knowledge you have received. 


We warmly welcome you as a new OJAYA student! And we thank you for your honor & respect of the ancient OJAYA teachings.

Note: These Terms and Conditions may be updated or amended at any time, and you sincerely agree to abide by the current Terms and Conditions in effect during your enrollment and your use of our web site.


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