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August 2019

Group 1 is YOU — plus a few others who are the very first pioneers to take the brand new online version of the OJAYA Deep Meditation Core Course.

You see, we’re still in the final phase of editing and posting all the OJAYA Lessons to our brand new online Rainforest classroom. We have not even begun to widely announce the OJAYA Lessons to the public. Yet somehow you have found your way here to our site. You’re EARLY to the party! And you caught us while we’re still setting things up!

When a guest arrives early, you have to make them comfortable, right? So — an idea occured to us: Rather than make you wait until all Lessons are posted, we thought to give you the opportunity to enroll now so you can take each Lesson — immediately upon its release.

We’re now working all hours of the day and night to complete our final editing phase for each OJAYA Lesson. And we’re uploading them as fast as we can. So if you enroll now, you might have to wait a few days if we have not yet posted your next Lesson. But the good news is: You’ll be among the fortunate few to first experience this powerful OJAYA training online — streamed from our new Rainforest classroom!

You can take each Lesson whenever you want, all at your own pace. There’s no set timing. You just log in, watch the video, and take your Quiz. It’s really simple and easy!

And here’s more great news for you: Sukaishi David will host a live Q & A session exclusively for all Group 1 people ONLY (not part of the standard OJAYA Core Course)! This event will happen after all Group 1 people have completed the Course. 

Again, we welcome you to OJAYA, in the Earthborn Rainforest. You’re here early! We hope we’ve made you comfortable! Let me know if you have any questions!

— Gary Boucherle, Director
The Earthborn Rainforest
Phone in USA: 641-472-3300

Please enroll now, as Group 1 enrollment closes when we upload a few more of the OJAYA Lessons.

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Your course fee is
100% refundable
up to and including Lesson 21!
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Have you watched ALL OJAYA Prep Talks? All Prep Talks await you in your new Rainforest Classroom — with additional content and features — when you enroll now in the OJAYA Core Course.

OJAYA Deep Meditation
Your time has come.


Your course fee is
100% refundable
up to Lesson 21!

Our Refund Pledge:

We pledge that YOU will blissfully enjoy your OJAYA Deep Meditation Core Course — and gain immediate benefits — or we'll refund your course fee . . .

From your very first meditation, you'll begin to experience the power and potency of this simple & easy — yet rare and highly-adept — art of deep meditation.

We love to give each new Student a generous timeframe to try out the Course — at no risk. Because the only way to know OJAYA is: to experience it for yourself!

You'll receive 24 easy OJAYA Lessons which span an online course of 30 days. Some Lessons are quick (15 minutes), some are a bit longer (45-60 minutes), and some days there’s no Lesson at all!

And there’s no set schedule! Take your own sweet time to enjoy the Course at your leisure, because your enrollment is open for a blissful 108 days!

If for any reason you desire to extend your Course further, you can always get a Course Extension for a nominal fee.

You'll always feel at peace ... because:

At any time during your enrollment you can request and receive a FULL REFUND of your course fee — up to your completion of Lesson 21! Since there are 24 easy Lessons, this means you can view almost the entire Course — and still receive your FULL REFUND if for any reason you decide to exit the Course.

We want you to be happy — and that's the way we do things here in the Earthborn Rainforest.

So go ahead and savor your Lessons at your own relaxed pace. Listen and learn as Sukaishi David explores the closely-guarded secrets of OJAYA Deep Meditation — now openly revealed to you for the very first time.

We're super confident that you'll soon agree:

OJAYA is the most powerful meditation you'll find anywhere.

If you ever feel differently, then remember:

You can receive a FULL REFUND of your course fee anytime during your enrollment — up to (and including) Lesson 21!

How does that sound to you?

Gary Boucherle, Director
The Earthborn Rainforest


OJAYA Deep Meditation
Your time has come.

Our Pledge to You:

You can check out almost the entire Course … and still get a full refund! 

We want you to be happy!

You have arrived.
You found our school for a reason.

Your time has come.

The next step — is yours.

Experience for yourself the high energy, intelligence, and deep serenity of OJAYA — "the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero."

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The Meditation of Heroes