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The #1 Epic Deep Meditation Course

To help with COVID-19, see our special offer when you go to enroll.
To help with COVID-19, see our special offer when you go to enroll.
It’s time to meditate!

Learn the Ancient Secrets to
Pure, Blissful Mindfulness

Learn the Ancient Secrets to Pure, Blissful Mindfulness

Empower yourself with
serene energy and clear intelligence
in 20 minutes.
Empower yourself with
serene energy and
clear intelligence
in 20 minutes.

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The #1 Epic Deep Meditation Course

It’s time to Meditate!


Nourish your heart … awaken your mind …
… with the OJAYA Deep Meditation online course.

What is OJAYA
Deep Meditation?

OJAYA is the most serene and blissful meditation you will find anywhere.

Just 20 minutes of OJAYA dissolves anxiety and stress, removes fatigue, balances your emotions, and strengthens your consciousness.

Each time you meditate with OJAYA, you build up an armor of serene energy that shields and protects you from the stresses and strains of daily living.

Your heart awakens, your intelligence deepens, and your everyday experience rises to higher levels of loving kindness, happiness and compassion.

OJAYA is deeply restful. When you open your eyes after 20 minutes, you find yourself renewed and refreshed with a calm sense of peace.


Loving kindness begins
from deep within.

You’ll learn to dissolve the stress of a fast-paced world naturally with the ancient secrets of OJAYA.

The Story of OJAYA

The Story of OJAYA

This most sublime meditation kept secret for centuries  is now open for those who are sincere at heart …

I trekked the globe for
40 years … to bring you the long-lost secrets of

From a young age, my quest became clear. Ditching the usual life path, I chose a road less travelled …

I journeyed to faraway places for decades to unearth rare secrets of deep meditation that had become lost or forgotten in the ruins of time …

I quickly learned a profound truth that few people see … and that is …

“Popular” meditations today are actually “watered-down” versions of powerful ancient techniques now diluted in modern times.

Yes, today you’ll find a multitude of “modern” meditations and mindful practices that you can pick up and do in just 15 minutes.

With each method, people seek greater peace of mind freedom from anxiety more compassion a mindful presence yet …

… while every method has its value, 99% of these practices take a certain degree of effort   as you try to focus on your breath, your body, a thought, emotion, or some sort of visualization exercise …

You try to stay focused

… but all this “trying” creates an effort and a strain.

These efforts don’t allow you to fully relax and dive inwards easily and effortlessly to experience the profound serenity in the quiet depths of your consciousness …

Efforts in meditation keep you busy with a deluge of thoughts, but the true treasure of your inner self is much deeper than this.

You are deep — like an ocean …


Sukaishi David in the jungles of India

A real-life “Indiana Jones,” Sukaishi journeyed for decades to discover rare secrets of deep meditation that cannot be had by the casual adventurer.

You are deep like an ocean.

Yet 99% of today’s meditation methods keep you engaged and active on the surface levels of your mind …

OJAYA Deep Meditation gently and effortlessly settles you into the blissful depths of your consciousness to experience your natural state of pure, serene mindfulness.

“Horizontal” vs. “Vertical” Meditation

Most meditations taught today work in a “horizontal” direction so you end up swimming around on the surface levels of your mind with various thoughts and observations.

Classic deep meditation is the soothing, peaceful “vertical” technique where you dive deep within … as you settle gently into the quiet depths of your consciousness.

This depth brings you a blissful, mindful presence naturally with absolutely no efforts or struggles.

I learned long ago that …

… the ancient, authentic techniques of deep meditation are closely-guarded kept pure and unpolluted  and revealed only to those who are sincere at heart.

To acquire these rarest of secrets, I engaged myself in an all-out search which led me on many adventures to exotic locations.

I studied from many teachers and practiced various methods daily  for long years  to gather the jewels hidden amongst the ruins of centuries …

… and then, somewhere along the way, I found exactly what I was looking for …

… I found OJAYA

the easiest, most deeply soothing technique of pure, blissful mindfulness.

OJAYA has its roots in the deep, tranquil forests of a simpler time … and it brings you a myriad of superior benefits unmatched by any of the common modern-day methods that you see everywhere.

OJAYA is absolutely easy and you’ll feel great joy when you discover why it takes longer than 15 minutes to learn.

As you meditate with OJAYA, its gentle resonance quickly calms your mind, balances your emotions, and awakens your consciousness  the ideal antidote to the rapid pace, fatigue and stress of our high-tech lifestyles.


How old is Sukaishi David in this pic?

Find out by watching the
OJAYA Preview Video.

Sharing with You

To share OJAYA with all of you who wish to learn, we started a new not-for-profit school here in the Earthborn Rainforest

Now you can learn the ancient technique of OJAYA

…and you won’t have to wander the world or leave your home …

… because for the first time ever  you can take the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course from where you are with these relaxing video lessons, produced right here in our rainforest classroom.

You’ll learn many sublime secrets that are utterly unknown in “popular” meditation schools today.

You’ll learn many sublime secrets that are utterly unknown in “popular” meditation schools today.

I invite you to join me on a wondrous new adventure to experience for yourself this exhilarating wisdom and the serene energy that overflows into your life … as you fall in love with OJAYA Deep Meditation.

Are you ready to start?

… Buckle your seat belt …

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India 1989


We produced the OJAYA course videos with love here in the Earthborn Rainforest.

Let us show you why OJAYA is the easiest, most powerful & most blissful meditation you’ll find anywhere …

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Questions & Answers

“How does OJAYA compare to other meditations?”
Step by step, Sukaishi David shows you how today’s “popular” meditations are actually watered-down versions of methods that became muddled centuries ago.

Sukaishi further explains how techniques taught today are not all equal and how different methods give very different results.

For example, did anyone ever explain to you the important differences between “monk meditation” and “householder meditation“?

Did you know that many meditations taught today are specifically geared for reclusive monks?!

On this Course you’ll learn why OJAYA is the supreme “householder” meditation geared for people who live dynamic, active lifestyles …


OJAYA develops the
total individual.

Profound inner strength promotes dynamic outer achievements.


“I wish I had this meditation 50 years ago!”

When seniors often say this, Sukaishi David tells them:
“It’s never too late to meditate!”
(And to young people: “Listen to your seniors!”)

Youthful Aging

“How does OJAYA slow down the aging process?”

It’s common knowledge that stress is the biggest factor for rapid aging.

Here on this Course, you’ll experience how OJAYA is the most powerful, soothing antidote for stress.

A few minutes of OJAYA dissolves tensions from your day, so stress never gets a chance to build up and become the foundation for various ailments. Wear and tear is vastly reduced for body, mind and emotions. Your natural healing energies are strengthened.

All of this contributes to youthful aging.


Serene consciousness leads to powerful action.

The Adept Secrets of Pure, Blissful Mindfulness Are Now
Revealed to You on this Course

The Adept Secrets of Pure, Blissful Mindfulness Are Now Revealed to You on this Course

“How can OJAYA be more effective than other meditations?”

A great secret to OJAYA‘s power is the soothing resonance of its kavach mantra a simple set of beautiful sounds from Nature that you will easily learn known as the “Mantra of Heroes.”
Kavach means “armor” of serene energy that shields and protects you from the stresses of everyday living.
Silent mindfulness of the OJAYA kavach mantra gently retunes and harmonizes your consciousness faster and more deeply than any other meditation method such as typical breath practices due to its profound healing resonance.

Throughout the ages, mantra mindfulness is hailed as the supreme technique of deep meditation, yet few people today know the authentic secrets of “Hero Mantras” or how to use them properly to unlock their full potentials.

And … what’s extra special about the OJAYA mantra and technique?

You’ll find out as you learn this wondrous knowledge when you start now … 

Pure, Blissful Mindfulness

Learn Why the OJAYA Technique is More Powerful Than Other Meditation Methods

Sukaishi David explains how the OJAYA technique works through the principle of resonance like music to develop an armor of serene, dynamic energy. Sukaishi reveals bold, new, essential knowledge about deep meditation that you never heard before!

To watch, enroll now

“But I’m too busy to meditate!”

In today’s stressed-out world, if you’re too busy to meditate, you may be too busy!

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles are a “strain and drain” on mind, body and emotions.

Today more than ever it’s healthful and wise to devote a few moments daily to yourself for deep meditation … to rejuvenate and replenish your energies.

As you enjoy your OJAYA course videos, be at ease. Take time to repose in each Lesson at your own relaxed pace.


OJAYA Deep Meditation is like taking a refreshing break in Nature.

“My mind never settles down I have way too many thoughts when I meditate!”

Then you’ve come to the right place. With OJAYA, you can now relax all your efforts …

Listen and learn as Sukaishi David wields his “sword of truth.”

He corrects the everyday mistakes that prevent you and millions around the world from resting deep in your meditation.


With OJAYA, you can now let go of all your efforts.


OJAYA is a time to sit
relaxed and at peace.

“I can’t meditate with
my legs crossed!”

There’s no need!

It’s best to sit easily in a comfortable chair unless you feel like sitting in some other way. It’s your choice!

When people sit with legs crossed, that’s the way they personally like to sit.

As Sukaishi David says, “Just make yourself comfortable and cozy.”

“I just want to sleep well at night.”

Proper sleep is vital to health.

Yet a mind in high gear is restless and does not easily settle.

Even when we are unaware of it, the frenetic pace of modern life bombards us with too much noise and constant chatter from everywhere.

OJAYA is deeply relaxing.

As your tensions melt away, you’ll encounter a state of profoundly deep restfulness a soothing comfort that calms your mind.

Tonight you’ll sleep soundly.


Remove the static and you’ll sleep in peace.


Easy. Simple. Powerful.

No previous experience is needed to learn OJAYA.

“Will OJAYA really work for me?”

Yes we promise!

OJAYA is simple and we’ve seen it works for everyone.

Whether you’re a new beginner or you’ve practiced other meditation methods, OJAYA awakens you to a whole new level of elevated experience.

If you already practice a meditation technique, then now is the time to take a huge leap forward to enhance and elevate your experience. You will now learn new, fresh teachings that will likely change your ideas about meditation … forever.

Sukaishi David recommends that young people be a minimum age of 14 years to take the Course, but bright kids could possibly start even a little younger.

“Is OJAYA really that easy?”

Yes … and double yes!

OJAYA is deep meditation made simple.

If it isn’t easy, it isn’t meditation.

Sukaishi David

You’ll soon discover for yourself how the OJAYA technique is light, energetic, soothing absolutely natural and deeply nourishing to your heart and emotions.


Nourish your heart and
recharge your energies

… as you rediscover the classic secrets of OJAYA Deep Meditation right here on this easy online Course.

“How does the OJAYA Course work?”

You just watch a video, take a fun quiz  and be amazed at how simple this is!

Each Lesson is a wondrous, epic journey into the timeless OJAYA teachings produced with love right here in the Earthborn Rainforest.

Relax and enjoy as you advance in gentle, easy steps …

And … for the first time ever, all the OJAYA Deep Meditation Lessons come streaming direct to you here online  so you can watch anytime you want.


Slow down for a moment …

… and soak in the peace of these online OJAYA Lessons.
Each video is suffused with a fragrance of joy and adventure.


Your search is over.
You found it.

“I’ve been searching for something like this my whole life!”

Your search is over. You have arrived!

The internet is a vast cyber-jungle of billions of pages yet somehow you found your way to our school.

You are here for a reason.

It’s time to begin a bold new adventure to explore and embrace the hidden potential within you.

Your time has come!

“I’m ready to learn OJAYA Deep Meditation.”


Enter the Earthborn Rainforest video classroom and begin your OJAYA Lessons right now!

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Everyone here welcomes you to the Earthborn Rainforest.

Your meditation class starts right now!

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