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I saw this video on Youtube and wanted to share it with you!

How does this relate to OJAYA Deep Meditation? See below. — Sukaishi David

Watch this Amazing
Resonance Experiment!

— 3 minutes —
16 million views

Sukaishi David comments on this video:

The Power of
Mantra Resonance

with the Martial Art of Deep Meditation

The OJAYA “Armor” Mantra creates a calm, powerful harmony within your consciousness due to its deep, penetrating resonance.

Did you watch the above 3-minute video?

Isn’t it amazing how different pitches resonate to produce completely different patterns?

This resonance experiment was using only simple wave frequencies. Even so, look at the beautiful varied patterns that emerge — which we never would have imagined!

Now consider this:

When simple pitches can produce such artistic and beautiful harmonic patterns, then imagine how the power of mantras can create harmony within your entire nervous system — as they work to calm and energize your own consciousness.

This is the genius of the ancient meditation masters, who had the intelligence to discover and understand the subtle powers of sound.

As they sat in deep, blissful meditation, they heard, collected and cataloged mantras according to the various effects each mantra would bring to human consciousness.

There are countless thousands of known mantras. Standing at the very top tier are the “Armor” mantras — the “Mantras of Heroes.” And because of their extraordinary power, these rarest mantra techniques have been closely guarded for countless generations.

These “Hero” mantras have a unique ability to attack and dissolve anxiety and stress — and to develop the esteemed qualities of valor, inner strength, calm emotional balance, deep compassion, and dynamic power to soothe and help reduce the suffering of others.

We can thank the contribution of these ancient meditation masters for these unfathomable gifts of well-being to humankind.

But … be mindful when
learning mantras!

As we will explain on the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course, the authentic secrets of Armor mantras — and how to use them properly — was largely lost and forgotten by today’s generations … until now. On this Course you’ll learn how common meditation methods today are watered-down practices — and we’ll see that most meditations today do not even employ the power of mantras at all! Yet mantra meditation is the fast track#1 technique recommended by the ancient masters to quickly attain peace of mind with serene, dynamic energy.

On the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course you will discover that mantras hold many secrets, which — when once learned — you will cherish forever …

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