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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Armor Meditation

Ojaya Deep Meditation Course

You are deep
… like an ocean.

Knight in Kavach Armor

Deep within you, your inner Self is supremely peaceful and serene.

Your consciousness is vast, incredibly deep like an ocean. Yet most meditations today never do reach to your true inner depths …

Instead … these methods hold you on the surface levels of your consciousness — with various efforts — as you try to:

    • imagine
    • observe
    • visualize
    • focus
    • remain “present”
    • label your thoughts
    • make “mental notes”
    • watch your breath
    • feel sensations
    • etc.

These typical methods keep your mind busy and engaged with various chores, thus they do not allow you to take a break, disengage, relax completely rest and go deep …

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Ojaya Deep Meditation empowers you with serene energy.

The ancient OJAYA technique requires no efforts. Now you can totally let go to dive deep within yourself to experience the blissful restful depths within your vast ocean of consciousness — and awaken new levels of talents, clarity and peace of mind.

It’s time to drop all your efforts.

Woman meditates with no concentration for deep peace.

With OJAYA you can finally let go to discover your deep peace hidden deep within you.

The OJAYA technique requires no concentration — and no efforts …

As you settle easily into a soothing state of deep rest, all anxiety, tensions and stresses are released and dissolved.

Take the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course — right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period and learn how to effortlessly repose in a state of pure, blissful serenity.

“If it isn’t easy, it isn’t meditation.”
— Sukaishi David

Course Graduate

Ojaya is the first and only method I can actually feel the effects of when I meditate.”

— Zoe Gordon, Hoover, Alabama
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OJAYA is True Classic
Deep Meditation

Some points to ponder
before you invest your time into a
daily meditation practice …

Today’s world is awash in superficial, watered-down practices of meditation and mindfulness.

Today you will find hastily-learned, highly popularized methods that promise you great results …

Yet as these methods consume your valuable time, you find they lack the strength to take you very far … or very deep.

Let’s turn back the clock and understand that …

  Classic OJAYA Deep Meditation is immensely more potent than today’s generic, highly diluted methods where you are told to simply watch your breath be “present” or observe what is happening in the now.”

  Popular teachers today often instruct you to repeat words and phrases to yourself, such as, “May my mind be at peace.”

But true deep meditation doesn’t happen this way.

  OJAYA Deep Meditation takes you far beyond all words, visualizations and mindful “chores.” OJAYA pulls you deep within to thoroughly soak you in the calm, blissful depths of your own Self.

  True deep meditation is free of all efforts, concentration, and mental gymnastics … because …

  True meditation is a refreshing let go … a deep surrender.

  True, authentic meditation isn’t learned in 5 or 15 minutes, but instead is a deeply relaxing step-by-step training that is pure joy from the very start.

  When you take a little time to learn the simple OJAYA teachings, deep meditation becomes absolutely easy, blissful, restful and energizing.

  Guided meditations keep you outwardly engaged as you listen to various verbal instructions thus you can never relax 100% and dive fully into your serene, blissful depths.

To reach deep into the tranquil ocean of your Being, you must leave all guides behind to embark on your own self-empowered, self-guided inner journey.

  You quickly develop clear, calm energy and core inner strengthnaturally and effortlessly — when you take just a little time to honor yourself and receive the pure, authentic OJAYA Deep Meditation teachings.

  Once learned, you now hold in your heart the rare, time-honored adept secrets of true, classic deep meditation … to cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

This is the way of OJAYA.

— Sukaishi David

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Course Graduates

“I wish I had this OJAYA Armor meditation 40 years ago!”

When seniors often say this, Sukaishi David tells them: “It’s never too late — to meditate!” And to young people: “Listen to your elders!”

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