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OJAYA Deep Meditation: Empower Yourself with Clear, Calm Energy

The ancient antistress, antianxiety meditation for deep inner awakening and serene, youthful aging.

Did you know … ?

More than 99% of all the “meditations” you see today do not qualify as true, authentic techniques of classic DEEP MEDITATION.

. . . Do you know why?

Guided meditations . . . mindfulness . . . watching your breath. . . and similar mental exercises have their own values, yet none can offer you the fruits of effortless, blissful, ULTRA-DEEP meditation.

What is deep meditation?
What are its fruits?

You’ll learn these rare adept secrets as you adventure into our site . . . and then register free for the OJAYA Deep Meditation Foundation Lessons.

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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

The Ancient “Armor” Meditation Technique

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero

The Ancient “Armor” Meditation Technique

Deep inside you, PEACE is
your very nature.

Eradicate anxiety and stress — and awaken your heart — with the rare, ancient, supremely potent OJAYA “Armor” Meditation technique.

We are a not-for-profit school run by volunteers.

We serve to educate the public in the classic technique of OJAYA “Armor” Meditation — closely-guarded teachings which stand strong and undiluted amidst a sea of confusing misinformation about meditation — running rampant in today’s commercialized self-help marketplace.

Our site contains a treasure trove of rare, authentic ancient meditation knowledge that you will not find elsewhere. Please enjoy!

The Ancient OJAYA

Armor Meditation


Young Man Meditating by River Ganga

Easy. Simple. Powerful.

Far more potent than commonplace guided meditations or mindful practices, OJAYA is the supremely rare, ancient “Armor” meditation technique — for everyday clear, calm energy and deep inner awakening.

Hidden and closely-guarded for centuries, the OJAYA technique builds up a blissful “Armor” of serene energy and core inner strength . . . deep within you . . . which shields you from the stresses of everyday living.

OJAYA is so powerful that you don’t need to meditate long hours. With just 10-20 minutes each day, you generate a soothing inner resonance that attacks and dissolves anxiety and deeply-rooted stress.

Brain fog evaporates and your vital energies get recharged in mere minutes — the perfect antidote to the traumas, fatigue and frenzy of life in the real world . . .

. . . and a rare ancient beauty secret for youthful aging.

After learning OJAYA, even our newest beginners experience an “Armor” of blissful serenity — with a deep inner awakening that surpasses those who have practiced typical meditation methods for 20-30 years.


OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

The Martial Art of Deep Meditation

Beginner meditator girl

You already know about the physical martial arts — like karate, kung fu, and tai chi.

But did you know? . . . OJAYA is a time-honored martial arts meditation that is actually much older than any of these.

OJAYA is the inner martial art — a simple and easy, yet supremely powerful technique of blissful, deep meditation.

With the OJAYA martial art, your opponent is not a person. Instead . . .

. . . The OJAYA Armor technique attacks anxiety, fatigue and stress as you awaken the deeper levels of your consciousness and build up an “Armor” of clear, calm energy and core inner strength.

Beginner meditator girl
OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

The Peaceful Martial Art

Since OJAYA is the inner martial art, there’s no kicking or punching or anything at all physical for that matter. In fact it’s totally effortless and relaxing.

You just sit comfortably . . . in a chair. . .

. . . you close your eyes and in 10-20 minutes you feel a sense of relief. Anxiety and tensions are washed away. Fatigue and lethargy evaporate.

When you open your eyes, you feel calm, fresh. Colors appear richer, the scents of Nature more fragrant.

Your head is clear, and you feel a deep, blissful energy inside. You feel strong — ready to get out there and do something great …

OJAYA Sensei Sukaishi David shares the rare OJAYA teachings with you step by step with exquisite online videos . . . produced with love in our serene rainforest setting . . .

Beginner meditator girl

Take the OJAYA Course online for everyday peace of mind and clear, calm energy — in just 10-20 minutes.

Regain your balance
in just 10-20 minutes

The ancient OJAYA Armor Meditation technique is so potent that you don’t need to meditate long hours.

Just 10-20 minutes per day awakens the deeper levels of your consciousness and develops an “Armor” of serene energy that shields and protects you from the stresses, anxieties and tensions of everyday living.

In olden days, closely-guarded Armor meditation techniques were once a major part of martial arts training.

Mirroring the principles of the physical martial arts, the rare, closely-guarded OJAYA Armor Meditation technique is known as the “Martial Art of Inner Self-Defense” — the inner training to instill emotional balance, peace of mind, deep insight, and core inner strength.

OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

I had tried for several decades to learn how to meditate properly. I did TM, Deepak, Wayne Dyer, Yoga classes . . . but no deep dive. OJAYA is the VERY BEST meditation instruction anywhere. I FINALLY learned to meditate. I’m eternally grateful to Sukaishi David.

— Lee Nolan, Radio Personality and Author
Saint Petersburg, Florida

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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Armor Meditation

Mastery Course

A Calm, Serene Mind for
Youthful Aging

As stress dissolves, aging slows . . .

How old is he?

(You’ll find out later.)

“Your entire experience of life depends on the clarity, depth and blissfulness of your own consciousness.”

Sukaishi David
Master OJAYA Sensei

OJAYA is Anti-Stress,
Anti-Aging Meditation

W e all know how stress is the #1 contributor to rapid aging.

In fact, stress ages us quickly because it wears us down in many unhealthy ways:

Stress symptoms

Yet we are surrounded by stress from all sides in our daily activities.

What to do?

The ancient meditation masters had a solution.

They knew powerful “Armor” meditation techniques to quickly dissolve stress . . . and to create an “Armor” of serene energy that protects you from new stresses entering your system.

As you silently meditate with the OJAYA “Armor” technique, your breathing and your heart rate slow down into a state of deep relaxation and restfulness …

Throughout your 10-20 minutes of OJAYA Deep Meditation, this soothing state of deep rest attacks and dissolves the anxieties and tensions that have accumulated within you — as you are quickly rejuvenated with fresh, new energies.

With daily sittings, you develop an Armor of serene energy and core inner strength.

Stress no longer builds up to become the foundation for various ailments. Wear and tear is vastly reduced for body, mind and emotions — and your natural healing energies are strengthened.

This is the technique of OJAYA Deep Meditation — the most powerful, soothing antidote to stress and anxiety — and the 100% natural, organic way to dramatically slow the aging process.

Though easy to learn and simple to practice, you’ll feel for yourself how OJAYA dramatically contributes to healthy, youthful aging.

“With an Armor of serene energy, stresses just wash off you like a rainshower.”
— Sukaishi David

We invite you to start free (see next pages) and enjoy the OJAYA Armor Meditation Course — right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period.

You’ll learn how to effortlessly develop your own inner “Armor” of calm serenity . . . to shield and protect you from the ravaging aging effects of stress in your daily life . . .

Woman practices OJAYA anti-aging meditation method

OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate:

This is truly a treasure I didn’t expect to discover.
— Elizabeth, Kansas City, Missouri
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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Learn why OJAYA is profoundly deeper and more effective than any mindful practice or meditation you’ve ever experienced …

. . . and buckle your seatbelt . . .



  Mindfulness is not deep meditation.

Mindfulness =
your mind-FULL-with-thoughts

Deep Meditation =
your mind-DEEP-AT-REST
(thoughts calm down to zero)

  Surprised?  Learn why.


Anti-Anxiety Meditation

  Today’s popularized “meditations” for anxiety are incredibly superficial . . . as none of these typical methods penetrates deep enough to dissolve the deep roots of anxiety.

  We invite you to experience the deeply soothing, rejuvenating technique of OJAYA Deep Meditation — to quickly calm and finally eradicate anxiety.

Guided Meditations

  A plethora of guided meditations and commercial “calming” apps promise to get you into a certain “head space.”

But these offer you only a few moments of superficial, short-lived relaxation . . . which evaporates in a few minutes.

  To gain a permanent everyday natural state of calm energy, positivity and deep inner peace, you’ll need to leave all your apps and guides behind — to embark on a deep dive into the deep serenity of your own self-empowered, self-guided meditation.

Breath Meditations

  Do you feel strained and bored each day as you struggle to watch your breath“? Learn why typical concentration methods like this are the slow, arduous path to your goals.

  Stop your struggling. With the blissful, empowering OJAYA “Armor” technique, you’ll dive deep within to discover your own depth of inner peace and clear, calm energy.

Yoga Meditation

  Yoga asanas are a gift from ancient meditation masters. Each yoga posture bestows specific benefits to boost your health.

  But today’s yoga meditation techniques have been watered down over the centuries. You’ll find out why.

  You’ll finally learn the rare, adept secrets of authentic yoga meditation on the relaxing and energizing OJAYA Deep Meditation Mastery Course.

“Binaural Beats” Meditation

  This pseudo-science “meditation” tries to manipulate your brainwaves to artificially create a mental state — which they tell you is “higher consciousness” . . . dangerous to your holistic health and peace of mind.

  You’ll learn why you should avoid this “scientific” method when you enroll free in the OJAYA Deep Meditation Foundation Lessons — right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period (see next pages).

Go beyond the “now”

  Do you constantly struggle to “be present” to the “now” that is happening all around you? All these efforts keep you outwardly focused and do not lead you inwards . . . to deep peace of mind and a deep inner awakening.

  Relax your efforts. The classic OJAYA “Armor” technique takes you effortlessly deep within — to awaken your serene inner depths . . . which gives you effortless abiding presence each and every moment.

Are you a monk?

Or are you a busy person who lives in the real world?

Are you aware that Buddhist meditations (plus many popularized methods you see today) were originally intended for MONKS?

These “monk-style” meditation practices gradually promote a more passive, detached, introverted, and reclusive state of mind — best suited for cloistered, monastic lifestyles.

 In stark contrast, ancient meditation masters advised powerful “Armor” meditation techniques for people who live in the real world with dynamic, active lifestyles.

OJAYA empowers you for happiness and success in the real world.

 The potent OJAYA “Armor” technique is a supremely rare, blissfully deep meditation — specifically geared for the lifestyles of dynamic, active people — which creates an “Armor” of serenity to shield and protect your mind and emotions from the stresses and strains of everyday living.

 Just 10-20 minutes of OJAYA quickly recharges you with cool, calm energy, clear intelligence, out-of-the-box creativity . . . and leads to a deep inner awakening that supports your interpersonal relationships, happiness and success in the real world.

Learn more about the differences between “monk meditation” vs. “householder meditation” on the next page …

Earthborn Rainforest Online Meditation classroom

OJAYA comes to you from the deep forests . . . a timeless gift of core inner strength from the great masters of this ancient “Martial Art of Deep Meditation.”

Hidden from the mainstream for centuries, the closely-guarded secrets of the OJAYA “Armor” technique are now for the first time openly revealed to you 100% online with sublime videos on the OJAYA Deep Meditation Mastery Course.

The word is out …
OJAYA Deep Meditation Course
“OJAYA is the deepest, most blissful meditation on the planet.”

(That’s what people tell us all the time.)

OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

Ojaya is the first and only method I can actually feel the effects of when I meditate.”

— Zoe Gordon, Hoover, Alabama
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OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

“When I listened to Sukaishi David in the videos, I had actual tears in my eyes. WOW!”

— Rick Blanda, US Air Force TSgt, retired, Warner Robins, Georgia
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OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

I started Ojaya at age 65, and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in my whole life. So relaxing, so deeply restful! My music now comes from such a profound inner depth.

— Dr. Richard Bosworth, Concert Pianist, Bellevue, Washington
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OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

Meditation used to be a chore. Now it’s truly deeply relaxing and healing. The technique pulls you deeper than I had ever imagined. I’ve tried many other practices but never experienced results like this in such a short time.”

— Nick Bobay, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

Through all my life I suffered from anxiety and depression. All I wanted was peace of mind. After Osho and the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I tried to meditate for years, but never achieved any progress.

So I gave up and doubted the whole meditation thing . . . until I found this course which is completely different from what I learned before.

— Amer Mussa, Ontario, Canada
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Beginner meditator graduates OJAYA Course

OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

I had long felt that commonly taught techniques do not take students into true meditation.

With my mind nourished with OJAYA, I stay calm and focussed on what is important . . . even dealing with difficult people is easier. Thank you for your beautiful rainforest experience.

— Virginia Graham, Toronto, Canada
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OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

“Ojaya holds the secret people have sought in other courses but haven’t found.”

— Hermes Banguid, Republic of the Congo
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The OJAYA Deep Meditation Course — lovingly featured in:

Armor Meditation

Mastery Course

Are you ready for deep,
blissful meditation?

Are you ready to learn the classic,
closely-guarded secrets?
Learn about the OJAYA
Armor Meditation Course:

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