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Why Mindfulness is not Deep Meditation

The Cure for “Monkey Mind” — and the Long-Lost Key to Effortless Mindfulness

Do you seek an everyday state of deep inner peace?

Then you should know:
mindfulness and meditation are two distinctly different practices and each bears different fruits.

A Sword of Truth Lesson
by Sukaishi David

Mindfulness — as commonly seen today — comes from Buddhist traditions. But scholars have an ongoing debate as to whether Buddha ever really taught mindfulness as a specific practice.

Mindful practices are helpful for various purposes. However, today’s modernized ideas of mindfulness — typical in today’s trendy spiritual “marketplace” — are actually highly watered-down versions of ancient, traditional practices that have lost essential key ingredients.

For example, people are quite surprised to learn that …

There’s a big difference between “mindfulness” and “meditation.”

Ask yourself this:

Since modern-day versions of mindfulness stem from Buddhist traditions, what did Buddha have to say?

Buddha taught his Noble Eightfold Path, which included:

Right mindfulness [samma sati]
Right meditation* [samma samadhi*]

*The word samadhi means a blissful state of ultra-deep meditation — a very specific definition in use by yoga traditions for thousands of years before Buddha’s time. Many of today’s meditation schools mistakenly translate samma samadhi as “right concentration” instead of right meditation. This is a monumental error which has delayed the fruits of meditation for millions of people around the world. Samadhi is the deep meditative state of total rest and relaxation, an effortless evenness of mind, a state of total quiescence and calm repose. Samadhi is the exact opposite of concentration — a serene de-concentration, a deep “let go” and effortless surrender.

We can see from Buddha’s own Teaching that mindfulness [sati] and meditation [samadhi] are listed separately.

Why? Because they are different!

Let’s say that again:

Meditation and mindfulness are different!

… And each bears different fruits …

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a focus on what is happening right in front of you — in your mind, your body, or your surroundings.

For example:

As you read this page, are you mindful and pleasantly focused on what you’re reading? Or do you feel distracted by an inner static of worries, anxieties, tensions, pressures, rushing, frenzy — a whirlwind of “monkey-mind”?

Does “monkey mind” ever bother you?
There’s an ancient cure — that also gives you effortless mindfulness …

Simply put, mindfulness means being more aware of whatever is happening all around you “in the now.”

Typical mindfulness practices — as taught today — require certain efforts to maintain an outward flow of awareness towards some object like your breath, your body, or your thoughts.

But there is an ancient way to effortless mindfulness …

What is Deep Meditation?

Deep meditation is completely different from mindfulness.

In stark contrast to the outward flow of mindful attention, classic techniques of deep meditation are an effortless inward flow — a refreshing break from the present moment that is happening all around you …

Quite different from mindful practices, true meditation is an effortless inward flow of awareness.

Deep meditation happens when your awareness reverses its direction from its usual outward path and begins to float effortlessly inwards — which leads to supremely blissful states of samadhi

… or as Buddha would say, right meditation — profound moments of calm serenity, renewed energies, and deep restful alertness.

This effortless inward flow of awareness doesn’t happen merely by mindfully “watching your breath because mindful practices focus you outwardly towards an object of your attention — in this case, your breath.

On the OJAYA Deep Meditation Mastery Course, you’ll discover there is a marked difference between watching the breath and the deep empowerment of samadhi.

Because …

  Mindfulness =
your mind-FULL-with-thoughts

  Deep Meditation =
your mind-DEEP-AT-REST
(samadhi: thoughts calm down to zero)

When does samadhi happen?

Answer: When your awareness flows deeply inwardsaway from and beyond all thoughts, bodily sensations, perceptions, visualizations and mindful observations of what is going on in the “present moment” around you.

Moreover, as your meditation deepens, you reach a state of pure samadhi when all the thought waves in your mind gradually settle down to ZERO — a blissful state of total REST, peace and rejuvenating repose.

These moments of pure samadhi provide you with a dynamic, revitalizing rest that is far deeper than sleep — and entirely different from any efforts to be more mindful.

View this graphic in landscape mode to see details:

Ojaya Deep Meditation empowers you with serene energy.

OJAYA Deep Meditation
Course Graduate

“OJAYA Meditation is true samadhi — truly a blessing. OJAYA has taught me and given me a lot.”

— Matthew Zadak, Lombard, Illinois
    

Look at it this way …

Deep meditation is always an inward flow of awareness — which leads to samadhi — where you soak in a state of blissful rest as your thoughts settle down to complete stillness and calm.

Can you see how this is an entirely different practice than trying to be focused and “mindful” of the things happening all around you?

See the difference?

  Mindful practices certainly have their own values, yet by their very nature they hold your mind on the surface levels of your awareness — as you engage yourself in various words, visualizations and mindful activities — thus you remain far away from the serene, blissful depths of samadhi.

Samadhi is the state of least activity — where you leave all your efforts and mindful processes behind …

… You arrive deep within your Being to a sublime state of balance and renewal.

Samadhi attacks the very roots of anxiety,

The deep relaxation of samadhi penetrates, attacks and dissolves the deepest roots of stress [sanskaras] which collect in the nervous system and afflict the consciousness.

This depth of samadhi eradicates the inner static of worries, anxieties pressures, rushing, tensions, low energy, and “monkey-mind” — the emotional frenzy and whirlwind of distracting thoughts.

Samadhi: The Long-Lost Key to Effortless Presence

In meditation schools around the world, the samadhi of classic meditation is truly the misunderstood, misplaced, and long-forgotten missing key to effortless presence.

Yet the authentic techniques of samadhi have nothing to do with trying to be more “mindful” of what’s happening in the “present moment” all around you.

Instead, samadhi has everything to do with leaving all else behind and diving deep within, so all the frenzied waves of your mind can settle down quietly to a profound state of presence and blissful repose.

Mindful Grace & Gratitude

As you emerge from a deep meditative state of samadhi, you find you are NATURALLY and EFFORTLESSLY mindful.


Because the inner turmoil and static are gone. Now your mind is clear and focused. You feel infused with a heartfelt sense of grace and gratitude.

Compassion becomes your very nature.

Yoga and Samadhi:
The Essential Secret to Inner Awakening

Buddha lists the deep meditation of samadhi as the eighth, the last in his Noble Eightfold Path — the crest jewel of his entire Teaching and the final, essential secret to inner awakening …

Likewise, the great yogi sage Patanjali — revered master of classic Yoga meditation — he also lists samadhi as the eighth limb in his “Eight Limbs of Yoga” [Ashtanga Yoga].

In his Yoga Sutras [the “bible” of Yoga], Pantanjali writes:

“Yoga is the cessation of thoughts.” [i.e., Yoga is a state of samadhi.]

Note that Patanjai says Yoga is attained through the cessation of thoughts, not by trying to be “mindful” of various things!

As you can see, contrary to what prominent schools around the world are teaching these days, the way to inner awakening is not by trying to be “mind-FULL.” It’s actually just the opposite! Samadhi is attained when all movements and fluctuations of the mind have settled down to a state of pure blissful repose — “mind-at-REST”!

Samadhi is deep, blissful, rejuvenating rest — the essential secret to inner serenity and natural, effortless mindfulness.

Simply put, samadhi is classic deep meditation — the master key to inner awakening.

Are you a monk?

Or do you live in the real world?

On the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course, you may also be surprised to learn why Buddhist mantras and meditation styles are actually intended for monks, because they gradually create a passive, detached, introverted, and reclusive state of mind — which is best suited to people with cloistered objectives.

See: Are You a Monk?

In stark contrast to monk practices, the supremely powerful OJAYA “Armor” technique is the quintessential meditation for people who lead dynamic, active lifestyles and who want happiness and success in the real world.

OJAYA Deep Meditation Course
Learn the ancient secrets of OJAYA to empower yourself with an effortless mindful presence and a protective “Armor” of clear, calm energy.

OJAYA is a rare gift from ancient meditation masters — a supremely potent samadhi technique that creates an “Armor” of peace, serenity and protection as you go about your day.

Quietly hidden and closely guarded for centuries, the OJAYA technique leads you quickly to the blissful and serene repose of deep samadhi.

The OJAYA technique is so potent that you do not need to meditate long hours. 10-20 minutes is sufficient to recharge you with clear, calm energy.

With daily dips into the blissful ocean of your Being, a new awareness dawns within you …

… The sleeping depths of your consciousness begin to awaken.

— Sukaishi David

Woman practices OJAYA anti-aging meditation method

“The key to inner awakening is deep meditation — the skill of diving deep within to enliven, energize and wake up the sleeping potential of your own consciousness …
— Sukaishi David

You are invited!

We invite you to learn much more about “right mindfulness” and deep meditation on the OJAYA Deep Meditation Lessons — right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period (see below).

Correct mindful practices certainly have their own values …

… but listen and learn as Sukaishi David explains why most of the popular mindful practices you see today [including so-called “certified” methods] are watered-down processes that involve unnecessary, burdensome efforts which greatly diminish your results.

Plus …

For the first time ever online, you’ll now discover the sublime serenity and potency of OJAYA Deep Meditation this most rare, classic technique you can now learn online with easy videos — produced with love for you at our rainforest school.

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Man who feels anxious, depressed, and stressed

Even beginners who take the OJAYA online course quickly report samadhi experiences that far surpass those who are practicing mindfulness or other meditation techniques for 20-30 years.

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