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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Armor Meditation

Ancients Secrets of
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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Own Your Meditation
& Be Self-Empowered

Girl meditates with headache: Efforts Create a Strain in Mindfulness

OJAYA Deep Meditation is not a “guided meditation,” but instead a self-empowered, self-guided journey into the blissful depths of your own inner experience.

“I’ve already done many different guided meditations.
What’s so special about OJAYA?”

OJAYA is totally different from any guided meditation that you may have experienced. Actually, OJAYA is not a guided meditation at all.

Guided meditations have their own unique values, but they keep you engaged on the surface levels of your awareness with various activities …

… You listen to your guide’s voice …

… You hear words …

… You follow various instructions …

… You focus on this and that …

… You visualize things …

… You imagine yourself in various situations …

… You mentally scan your body …

… etc., etc. …

All this guidance keeps you focused on a verbal level, busy and engaged with various efforts, instructions and mental chores …

… thus you can never 100% relax, let go of everything and settle deep within — to your true, deepest depths of inner calm.

To reach deep into the tranquil ocean of your Being — beyond all thoughts and guided activities — you must leave all guides behind and embark on your own self-empowered, self-guided inner journey.

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Ojaya Deep Meditation empowers you with serene energy.

Takes You Deep

The OJAYA “Armor” technique allows you to 100% relax and let go completely.

How? The rare, potent OJAYA “Armor” mantra does all the work for you.

The calming, soothing sounds of the OJAYA “Armor” mantra pull you deep within gently effortlessly as you soak yourself in a deep state of serenity that lingers long after your meditation.

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Self-Guided = Self-Empowered

OJAYA is so easy and so powerful that you don’t need a guide — or need to meditate long hours. Just 10-20 minutes eliminates all tensions and suffuses you with clear, calm energy throughout your day.

You quickly develop an everyday “Armor” of inner peace and core inner strength when you take just a little time to learn the rare, time-honored classic secrets of OJAYA … to cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

You are then empowered to meditate deeply with your own expertise — anytime you wish — without the need for someone to guide or “chaperone” your meditation.

This is the way of OJAYA.

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It’s time to be self-empowered!

Even our newest beginners who take the OJAYA online course quickly report deep, blissful experiences at serene inner depths that are not reachable if you have to listen to verbal instructions or rely on someone else to guide you.

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Deep Meditation

Mastery Course

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