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A Sword of Truth Lesson
by Sukaishi David

OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

The Ancient Anti-Anxiety

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The ancient meditation masters held a great secret: the natural, 100% organic solution to anxiety …

ANXIETY — when it pervades your life on a daily basis — is one of the most debilitating emotional concerns that could ever plague you.

Anxiety, tension, and nervousness are no newcomers — and no surprise in the frenzy and frazzle of our fast-paced digital age. Anxiety and nervousness are only increasing exponentially in people everywhere.

And by now you’ve probably tried everything to get rid of your anxiety …

  • Pills are a temporary fix — and they have dulling, unwanted side effects.
  • Talking about your anxiety doesn’t get rid of it — and sometimes makes it worse.
  • Guided meditations and “calming” apps offer only brief moments of short-term relaxation, and they never permanently eradicate the anxiety once and for all.

So, what to do?

These days, many people are turning to mindfulness to cope with their anxiety.

The key word here is “cope” with anxiety.

Today’s watered-down versions of mindfulness — popularized and taught everywhere — contrast starkly with the true, classic techniques of deep meditation.

Do you mindfully “observe”
and “accept” anxiety … ?

Or do you permanently
dissolve and resolve it?

Modern-day mindfulness basically teaches you to “observe” and “accept” the anxiety. “Just watch it.”

You may have found this approach doesn’t really work very well.

Mindful methods, by their very nature, simply do not give you the power to reach deep enough into your consciousness — to uproot and eradicate the deep roots of anxiety (see Why Mindfulness isn’t Deep Meditation).

This basic idea to “observe” and “accept” the anxiety contrasts sharply with the OJAYA “Armor” technique, where you learn to dissolve and permanently resolve the anxiety.

Let’s give another example:

“Coaxing” Your Mind
to be Calm

Many teachers today advise you to repeat words and phrases to coax your mind to become calm …

Let’s see what this popular book entitled Practicing Mindfulness has to say about getting rid of anxiety …

Book cover: Practicing Mindfulness by Matthew Sockolov

To calm anxiety, this popular book recommends that you repeat the following phrases to yourself:

“May my mind be at ease.”

“May I be at ease with my mind.”

Continue repeating these phrases
until time is up.

Practicing Mindfulness, p. 116

This very method — repeating English WORDS and PHRASES to coax your mind to be calm — this has become a typical practice everywhere among mindfulness schools these days.

But this is a tell-tale sign that the knowledge of true, authentic deep meditation has been lost in all these schools … because …

Anxiety is not resolved by pretty words …

Comforting words may provide a temporary relief — a distraction from your anxiety for a short time …

… but the anxiety is still lurking deep inside you and will soon return again.

Anxiety is not eradicated by whispering pretty words to yourself.

Mere words are very superficial, short-lived sugar pills.

Engaging yourself on a verbal level like this actually prevents you from diving deep — to go beyond words — into the vast ocean of calm serenity that is hidden deep within you.

Mere words — however pleasing — have no power to dissolve the deep roots of anxiety or to awaken your deepest inner potentials.

This idea to repeat words to yourself is a modern invention — typically espoused by today’s teachers of mindfulness. But repeating comforting words and phrases is not an authentic method of mindfulness nor a technique of true meditation.

It’s not even close.

The ancient meditation masters knew a much more effective way …

View this graphic in landscape mode to see details:

Ojaya Deep Meditation empowers you with serene energy.

The Ancient OJAYA
Anxiety Solution

Whenever you are feeling anxious, there is a reason for it. There is a cause — deep within you — that makes you feel tense and nervous.

The ancient meditation masters taught that anxiety is the natural outcome whenever the harmony of your consciousness has become disturbed.

Like the tense, grating sounds of an orchestra that is out of tune, you will naturally feel nervous and anxious whenever your inner harmony is shattered.

To quickly dissolve and permanently eliminate the deep roots of anxiety — and restore your natural state of serene inner harmony — classic meditation masters advised deep meditation with powerful “Armor” mantras which penetrate deep to attack and eradicate the source of the anxiety.

OJAYA works on the principle of deep resonance. You will learn the adept way to skillfully and effortlessly meditate with the rare, supremely potent OJAYA “Armor” mantra — which pulls you gently, deep within to attack and dissolve the very roots of anxiety.

View this graphic in landscape mode to see details:

Take the Course.

On the OJAYA Deep Meditation Mastery Course, you’ll learn the OJAYA “Armor” technique, a rare, powerful anti-anxiety meditation that quickly restores you to a natural state of deep calm. You develop an “Armor” of serene energy that shields and protects you from the stresses and tensions of everyday living.

The classic, closely-guarded technique of OJAYA is an ancient gift that you will not find in any other meditation school anywhere.

We invite you to experience the deep calm of OJAYA for yourself, and to enroll in the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course — see below — right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period.

You’ll learn the ancient solution to permanently eradicate the deep roots of anxiety deep within you.

Are you ready to begin?

Take a deep breath … 

and go to enroll below …

Course Graduate

There was one very deep emotional scar I couldn’t get rid of for years. It bothered me almost every night and Ojaya cleaned it right out.

I wish I had known about this long ago, it really would have been a game changer.”
— Stewart Lewis, Zanesville, Ohio
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Man who feels anxious, depressed, and stressed
Even beginners who take the OJAYA online course quickly develop an “Armor” of deep peace — that far surpasses decades of guided meditations, watching the breath, or other mindful practices.

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