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Eckhart Tolle Exposed
Is The Power of Now a fraud or a scam?

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Eckhart Tolle:
Master of Mind Games

How Oprah & the World Got Bamboozled by “The Power of Now”
A Review and Polite Criticism of Nonsense Ideas

Oprah made Eckhart Tolle famous. But is anyone actually getting “enlightened” with The Power of Now?

And is the “now” really the path to ultimate Enlightenment? Or do millions of people seek inner peace and serenity endlessly — in the wrong direction?

Learn how nonsensical ideas and practices get widely popularized as you watch this astounding video critique — and buckle your seatbelt …

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“Do not believe in what you have heard. Do not believe in anything because it is rumoured and spoken by many.”

— the Buddha (Kalama Sutta)

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