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Awaken Your Heart

Girl meditating: Will you fall in love with this ancient, deeply calming, blissful meditation?

The Heart of Compassion

Are you ready for a

deep, heart awakening?

Then welcome to the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course.

We won’t say much. But here’s a sample of what people are telling us all the time (unsolicited):

Course Graduate

When I listened to Sukaishi David in the videos I had actual tears in my eyes.

I have been literally blown away by all that has been said. Everything has resonated clearly and loudly in my mind, my heart, and my feelings. It’s like being touched by an angel.

I absolutely love the teachings. In the past when I learned a meditation technique, it would be so boring and unenjoyable that I would end up quitting.

All I can say at this point is, “WOW!!!”

— Rick Blanda, US Air Force TSgt, retired,
Warner Robins, Georgia

African American man meditating compassionately

Easy. Simple. Compassionate.

OJAYA is a whole new level of experience.

Are you ready for your heart to open?

Take a deep breath … 


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