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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

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The secret to your success in life is the creativity, intelligence and resilience of your state of consciousness.

“I want to work smarter and achieve more in my business and my life. The stress of making a living wears me down. I want more energy and peace of mind — and more quality time with my family.”

Business takes a lot of your energies.

More than that, every business by default has its stress factors.

Important keys to success in business always include:

  • A sharp mind, with clear intelligence
  • Creative, outside-the-box thinking
  • Cool head, warm heart
  • A relaxed joy and passion for your work

OJAYA Deep Meditation is so powerful that you don’t need to practice long hours for top-tier results. Just 10-20 minutes suffuses you with clear, calm energy and core inner strength — to boldly meet the challenges of your day.

More than this, the OJAYA Armor Technique specializes in developing a powerful “armor” of serene energy — to shield and protect you from absorbing stress as you go about your day.

We hear the same story over and over from our OJAYA Graduates. They tell us that it doesn’t take long before their co-workers ask,

“What’s different about you? You seem so clear and calm these days. What are you doing?”

Are you ready to work more creatively and relaxed, with more success and greater fruits for your labors?

“Absolutely everything in your life — including the level of success you’ll reach — depends on the clarity and energy of your state of consciousness.”

— Sukaishi David

Enroll in the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period, and learn how your success in life — and absolutely everything in your life — depends on the clarity of your state of consciousness.

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Are you a monk?

Or do you live in the real world?

Are you aware that Buddhist meditations (as well as many common methods you see today) were originally intended for MONKS? These “monk-style” practices gradually promote a more passive, detached, introverted, and reclusive state of mind, best suited for cloistered lifestyles.

Such techniques often work against the outgoing, dynamic energy and enthusiasm you need for business.

 In stark contrast, the potent OJAYA “Armor” meditation technique is specifically geared for people with high-powered, active lifestyles — for cool, calm energy, open-heart relationships, clear intelligence, out-of-the-box creativity and a deep inner awakening that empowers your success in the real world.

You’ll learn why …

“But I’m too busy
to meditate!”

(and too frazzled)

Busy executive is too stressed to meditate

In today’s stressed-out world, if you’re too busy to meditate you’re probably too busy!

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles are a “strain and drain” on mind, body and emotions.

Today — more than ever — it’s healthful and wise to devote a few moments daily to yourself — for deep meditation … to rapidly rejuvenate and replenish your energies.

We invite you to begin the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period — and take time to repose in each Lesson at your own relaxed pace.

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Deep Meditation

Mastery Course

I wanted an "Armor" of CALM inner STRENGTH to shield me from the ravages of stress ... for health, HEALING and YOUTHFUL aging.   Learn more

I was attacked by
ANXIETY.   Solve this

I was tired and DEPRESSED.
  Solve this

I needed deep, restful,
rejuvenating SLEEP.   Learn how

I wanted more ENERGY
and SUCCESS.   Learn how

I got bored trying to WATCH my BREATH.   Solve this

I wanted to go beyond what GUIDED meditations could offer me ... and be self-empowered.   Learn how

I was tired of trying to be MINDFUL ... I just wanted deep, blissful inner peace.   Learn how

N Special Lesson on MINDFULNESS

I wanted to open
my HEART.   Learn how

10 I was finally ready for a
deep INNER AWAKENING.   Learn how

Deep Meditation

Mastery Course

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