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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Are you accidentally doing
“monk” meditation?

Are you unknowingly practicing a meditation technique — that’s intended for monks?

A Sword of Truth Lesson
by Sukaishi David

Are you a monk?

Or are you a busy person who lives in the real world?

Are you aware that Buddhist mantras and meditations — plus most other meditations popularized today — were practices originally intended for monks?

That’s right . . . Buddha was teaching monks. His methods were intensely strict and extremely austere — all in keeping with an ascetic monk’s lifestyle.

Originally, Buddha did not even want women or laypeople to enter his sangha (community), but later he relented and permitted entry to non-monks — but only when they agreed to adhere to strict “monk-like” regulations.

Surprised? Go to any Buddhist writing. Read from anywhere. Who is Buddha addressing?

… Monks. Monks. And more monks!

So, are you a monk?

“Monk-style” [sanyasi] meditation practices are specifically geared to promote a more passive, introverted, and reclusive state of mind — best suited for austere, cloistered, monastic lifestyles.

Prolonged practice of these “monk” techniques causes one to gradually detach, withdraw, and lose interest in everyday life.

In stark contrast, rare “householder” [grihastha] “Armor” meditation is highly grounding, and advised for people who want deep inner peace — along with the joys and outer successes of life.

“Monk” Meditation:
(Sanyasi Dhyana)
Cultures a state of mind that is
Detached — Reclusive — Passive

“Householder” Meditation:
(Grihastha Dhyana / “Armor” Meditation)
Cultures a state of mind that is
Connected — Grounded — Focused

Today, this essential knowledge of the opposite effects of “monk” and “householder” meditation is now blurred and even lost in most all meditation schools.

Also, instead of teaching true, classic deep meditation, most meditation schools these days are actually teaching watered-down practices of mindfulness.

Actually . . . most of today’s popularized meditations were derived from reclusive “monk-style” practices . . .

For example . . .

Meditation on the
mantra, “OM”

According to the Shastras (precepts of the ancient sages), meditating on the single mantra “OM” [omkara ka japa] is actually a monk technique — which is why it’s common even today among monks.

Meditation only on “OM” gradually creates more and more detachment and withdrawal from life, and thus is not a proper mantra for the goals of business people or family life.

Quite opposite to “OM” meditation or Buddha’s highly ascetic lifestyle, the majority of ancient meditation masters were actually socially-oriented people (with families!).

For wealth, success and serenity in the real world, these classic masters advised the people to practice blissful “Armor” meditation techniques — to support both their inner spirituality and their outer dynamic, active lifestyles.

These easily-learned “Armor” meditation techniques are far removed from any reclusive monk practice . . .

OJAYA is Deep Meditation for Busy People Who Live in the Real World

Our mission is to revive and restore the long-forgotten classic secrets of true deep meditation — teachings which have been lost in the high seas of today’s popular spiritual marketplace.

OJAYA is a blissful, closely-guarded, supremely potent “Armor” meditation technique that shields you from the stress and frenzy of the world — as your deeper levels of consciousness awaken to greater levels of happiness and success . . .

The easily-learned OJAYA Deep Meditation technique supports the goals of families, business people, the arts and sciences, and those who want to enjoy and share happiness with others.

OJAYA is a rare, blissful “Armor” meditation technique that cultures an everyday armor of serene energy — deep within you — to shield and protect you from the stresses and tensions of everyday living.

OJAYA leads to both inner awakening and outer achievements — the ideal meditation practice for business people who need dynamic, outgoing energy for success . . . or people who wish to enjoy the beauty of life and culture deep interpersonal relationships.

Just 10-20 minutes of OJAYA quickly recharges you with cool, calm energy, clear intelligence, and out-of-the-box creativity — all of which supports your relationships, goals and successes in the real world.

And . . . always remember:

Your everyday experience of life is totally dependent upon the clarity, depth and blissfulness of your own consciousness.

— Sukaishi David

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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course
Learn the ancient secrets of OJAYA to empower yourself with a protective “Armor” of clear, calm energy.

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Even beginners who take the OJAYA online course quickly report blissful experiences that far surpass those who are practicing mindfulness or other meditation techniques for 20-30 years.

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