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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Deep Meditation

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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course
The #1 Easiest, Most Powerful Meditation Technique — Even for Beginners
Man who feels anxious, depressed, and stressed

OJAYA is so simple and easy. Even our newest beginners quickly report experiences that far surpass those who have practiced other meditation techniques for 20-30 years.

“I’m new to meditation. I want to learn the most powerful, super easy technique that gives me quick energy, cool emotional balance and deep inner calm — but I don’t have a lot of time in my day.”

You may be surprised to learn this secret …

Sukaishi David says the OJAYA Deep Meditation “Armor” technique is actually easier to learn for people who have never meditated before!


People who have meditated for many years sometimes have great pride and feel they are “already experienced” with various methods, and they are often the ones who are impatient to learn anything new.

However, as Sukaishi David will show you in great detail, more then 99% of the “meditations” taught today do not qualify as authentic techniques of classic deep meditation — you’ll learn why when you enroll (below) in the OJAYA online Foundation Lessons.

Every week we meet people who use various efforts to meditate — which they learned even from well-intentioned and well-respected meditation schools.

All those strenuous efforts and controlling habits drop off with the effortless practice of the OJAYA “Armor” technique.

What are those efforts that prevent people from diving deep in their meditation?

    • Concentration
    • Wrestling with thoughts
    • “Watching” thoughts
    • Labelling thoughts (e.g., “This is a sad thought.”)
    • Making mental “notes” while meditating
    • Unskillful awareness of breath
    • Various efforts to control the meditation
    • Efforts to remain in the “present moment”
    • Weak mantras
    • Wrong mantras
    • Mispronounced mantras
    • Using English words as mantras
    • Not understanding how to use a mantra properly
    • Using superficial words and phrases such as “May my mind be at peace”
    • Not knowing the mechanics of deep, blissful meditation
    • Not experiencing the ease of effortless meditation
    • And many other issues

As a new beginner, you won’t have to bother yourself with ANY of these, because you’re starting clean and fresh!

Plus, the ancient OJAYA technique is so powerful that you don’t have to meditate long hours. Even 10-20 minutes a day quickly empowers you with clear, calm energy and core inner strength.

And … we find that even our newest beginners quickly report experiences that far surpass those who have practiced other techniques even for 20 or 30 years.

We invite you to enroll in the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course — right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period — and experience for yourself the soothing calm of truly effortless, blissful, deep meditation …

Welcome to the Earthborn Rainforest, your online OJAYA classroom!

Enroll below and enjoy!

Man who feels anxious, depressed, and stressed

Even beginners who take the OJAYA online course quickly report deep, blissful experiences that far surpass those who are practicing other techniques for 20-30 years.

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I got bored trying to always
WATCH my BREATH.   Solve this

GUIDED MEDITATIONS never gave me permanent, ultra-deep PEACE of mind.   Learn why

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Deep Meditation

Mastery Course

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