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Powerful Meditation Technique
for Beginners

Yes, it’s the easiest and most powerful meditation technique — even for beginners!

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Are you ready for

easy, blissful meditation?

Even the newest beginner who has never done meditation can quickly learn OJAYA — with our simple and beautiful rainforest Course — online!

You  may be surprised!

Sukaishi David says it’s actually easier for people who have never meditated before. He says that often people have learned wrong habits from other meditation schools, and then these have to be undone.

What are those improper habits?

Concentration. Efforts in meditation. Not understanding how to use a mantra properly. Not knowing the mechanics of true meditation. Wrong mantras. And many other issues.

But you won’t have to worry about any of these, because you’re starting clear and fresh!

Welcome to the Earthborn Rainforest, your online OJAYA classroom!



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