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OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Armor Meditation

Ancients Secrets of
Deep Meditation

OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Stop searching for your power in the ever-elusive “now.”

Woman in Blissful Mindfulness

Where does your power reside? The answer is hidden in a secret space, deep within you …

Are you ready to go beyond the “now”?

“Do not believe in what you have heard. Do not believe in anything because it is rumoured and spoken by many.”

(Kalama Sutta)

Take a breath and hear this:

Whatever you might have heard in popular New Age circles, your power does not come from your efforts to be more aware of things in the so-called “now.”

The ancient meditation masters did not talk or teach this way.

Your power is far away from all your ideas, books, seminars and philosophies of the “now” — and all your endless efforts to “be more present” to what is happening around you.

Where is your power?

Your power has always been with you close to you hidden quietly deep within your own consciousness deep within YOU.

The way to access your power is not by all your efforts to “be present” to whatever is happening all around you. To the contrary …

… The simple way to access your power is with deep meditation restful repose a deep dive within your own Self to explore and awaken your quiet, blissful depths — those subtle, finer levels of your awareness which contain the latent powers of your own consciousness.

Are you ready to look beyond the “now” that is happening all around you — and take a deep dive into the serene ocean of your inner Self deep within you ?

We invite you to take a break from looking outwards and look deep within.

Deep within is where you’ll find your true power …

Deep within is the Way of inner peace — and the deeply calming, effortless Way of OJAYA Deep Meditation.

— Sukaishi David

OJAYA is a rare, ancient, supremely powerful technique of deep meditation that leads you quickly within to the calm, blissful depths of your own serene consciousness.

We invite you to begin the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course right now during our “Open-Door” enrollment period.

We’ll show you a higher path of meditation that quietly awaits you.

See also the related Lesson on Mindfulness.

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Even beginners who take the OJAYA online course quickly report deep, blissful experiences that far surpass those who are practicing mindfulness or other meditation techniques for 20-30 years.

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Top 10 Reasons
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Deep Meditation

"Armor" Technique

I was attacked by
ANXIETY and stress.   Solve this

I was tired and DEPRESSED.
  Solve this

I needed deep, restful,
rejuvenating SLEEP.   Learn how

I was exhausted from work. I needed ENERGY and SUCCESS for more leisure time.   Here's how

I needed HEALTH and HEALING ... with more YOUTHFUL vitality.   Learn more

I always got bored when I would
try to WATCH my BREATH.   Solve this

GUIDED meditations quickly evaporate. They never gave me permanent PEACE of mind.   Learn why

I got frustrated trying to be MINDFUL all the time; I just wanted calm, effortless presence.   View Special Lesson on MINDFULNESS

I wanted to open
my HEART.   Learn how

10 I was finally ready for deep
INNER AWAKENING.   Learn the secret

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The not-for-profit School of

D e e p   “A r m o r”
M  e  d  i  t  a  t  i  o  n

OJAYA is profoundly different from
any practice you’ve done before.

From our online rainforest classroom, our school is run by volunteers who bring deep inner awakening of Self to sincere seekers from around the world.

We now invite YOU to learn the rare, ancient and supremely potent OJAYA Deep Meditation "Armor" technique — for unshakable peace of mind and clear, calm energy to support dynamic success in your everyday life.

Our site contains a treasure trove of closely-guarded meditation teachings that you will not find elsewhere. Take your time to relax, enjoy, and be deliciously mindful of each page.

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Have you explored all these pages on our site?

OJAYA = Healing Energy

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