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The Story of OJAYA

I trekked the globe for
40 years

… to bring you the
long-lost secrets of …

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero
by Sukaishi David
Read his story

A real-life “Indiana Jones,” Sukaishi David travelled the world to discover this supremely easy technique of deep, blissful meditation …

Read his story …

Sukaishi David treks the jungles of India.

Sukaishi David in the jungles of India, the ancient abode of the authentic, most powerful techniques of deep, blissful meditation.

Sukaishi David in the jungles of India

A real-life “Indiana Jones,” Sukaishi travelled the world to discover this supremely easy, authentic technique of deep, blissful meditation …

Kept secret for centuries …

… this most sublime meditation technique awaits people today who want to thrive in a frazzled world — with an armor of clear, calm energy and deep inner peace …

The Story of

OJAYA Deep Meditation Course
Sukaishi David thumbnail

by Sukaishi David

From a young age, my quest became clear. Ditching the usual life path, I chose a road less travelled …

I journeyed to faraway places for decades — to unearth rare secrets of deep meditation that had become lost or forgotten in the ruins of time …

And I found the most perfect meditation technique that quickly bestows deep, calm serenity along with dynamic energy — the ideal remedy for the fatigue, stress and frenetic pace of today’s high-tech (and high anxiety) lifestyles …

Lotus-hearted meditation

From the very beginning of my quest — way back in the ’70s — I learned a surprising truth that few people today have realized. And that is …

Popularized meditations you see today are actually “watered-down” versions of powerful ancient techniques …

These modern “watered-down” methods — taught everywhere these days — have lost a tremendous amount of their potency. All through the years I could see this “watered-down” effect wherever I travelled …

I met beautiful souls who meditate each day — for peace of mind freedom from anxiety more compassion a mindful presence …

… but their meditations weren’t really giving them the results they had hoped. In fact …

I found people everywhere struggling with their meditation practices …

They would tell me their stories:

  • “I have too many thoughts.”
  • “My mind won’t settle.”
  • “I can’t stay focused.”
  • “I get bored.”
  • “It’s too hard.”
  • “I never feel any bliss.”

More often than not, I saw people give up on their meditation because it just wasn’t working the way they had hoped …

If you’ve ever tried any of the “popularized” meditation methods these days, you may have had similar experiences …
You try to stay focused … but …
Woman gets headache: Efforts create a strain in meditation.

I learned early on that efforts in meditation create headaches, boredom — and agitation. Plus, efforts keep you busy and engaged with a barrage of useless thoughts.

I was taught — and I learned from experience — that even subtle efforts work against you. They don’t allow you to fully relax and dive deeply inwardseasily and effortlessly — to experience the profound serenity in the quiet depths of your consciousness.

Throughout my wanderings, I learned a new and simple, fundamental truth about how to meditate — blissfully — and that is …

Deep, blissful meditation is naturally easy and effortless.

If you don’t know the simple, common mistakes that cause you to strain in meditation, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Instead of peace of mind, your “practice” will invite frustrations  because true deep meditation is always easy and effortless.

But watch out … ! Over the centuries the classic methods get diluted and lose many vital, key ingredients — even more so when they are adapted for mainstream consumption.

This dilution is especially common in today’s mindful meditation practices. (See Lesson on mindfulness — link at bottom of this page.)

The truth is, authentic deep meditation is always effortless and deeply soothing — with energizing benefits that persist throughout your day. But whenever a classic “tried-and-true” technique is altered or diluted, it loses its potency  so you may soon wonder why it does not give you quicker and better results and why you may be feeling a strain …

Throughout the ages, this is why the most powerful, deep, sublime meditation techniques are kept secret guarded by beautiful traditions …

and taught only to those who are sincere at heart.

These most potent, most precious classic techniques are always hidden from view — kept pure and unpolluted by the latest fancies of the day …

Sukaishi David, India 1989

To acquire these powerful and supremely rare meditation techniques, I engaged myself in an all-out search …

… which led me on many wild adventures to distant lands and exotic locations.

I studied from many meditation teachers and practiced various meditation methods daily  for long years  to gather the jewels hidden amongst the rubble of centuries …

Read more details of Sukaishi David’s extraordinary bio — see link at the end of this article.

After a long and winding journey of decades, and somewhere far away in the mists of time, I chanced to discover exactly what I was looking for …

I found

Ojaya Deep Meditation Course

“Armor of Inner Strength”

… the most sublime, soothing, blissful and energizing technique for clear, calm, deep inner awakening.

Sukaishi David in the jungles of India

My heart goes out to people who struggle with meditation, because the blissful experience of OJAYA Deep Meditation is so easy and powerful.

OJAYA has its roots in the tranquil forests of a simpler time …

… and its strength is its sheer simplicity.

So simple and easy, you’ll find that OJAYA is deeply nourishing to your heart with far-reaching benefits that immediately transfer into your day-to-day life …

Simply put, OJAYA is the ancient Martial Art of Deep Meditation — the Armor technique of inner strength and deep, blissful serenity.

Let me show you what makes OJAYA so unique  and the results so impressive  as we compare OJAYA to other meditation techniques today …


German man practices OJAYA meditation technique.
Access your inner power ...

The OJAYA technique is incredibly potent — the easy way to empower yourself with clarity, intelligence and serene energy.

Compare OJAYA to Common Techniques Taught Today in 2022:

Common Meditation &
Mindfulness* Practices

(Modern-day methods that are taught everywhere)

OJAYA meditation technique

Deep Meditation

(Rare Ancient Classic)

 Takes Effort

 Is Completely Effortless

 Requires Concentration

 No Concentration — Ever

 Takes Years of Practice

Easy From the Start

 You Face Boredom

 You Find Tranquility

 You Observe and Accept Anxiety and Stress

You Dissolve and Resolve Anxiety and Stress

 You Try to "Be Present"

 You Gain Deep, Effortless Presence

 You Focus — to Control Your Mind

 You Let Go — to Still Your Mind

 You Coax Yourself to Become More Mindful*

 You Rest in Pure Mindfulness

 You Wrestle with Your Restless Mind

 You Settle into Your Heart

 You Consume Energy

 You Are Refreshed with Calm Energy

 You Explore Surface Levels of Your Mind

 You Relax Into the Depths of Your Inner Self

 You Repeat English "Mantras," Words, and Phrases

 You Learn the Potent, Authentic OJAYA Armor Mantra

 You're Taught Modern Adaptations of Ancient Methods

 You Learn an Exquisitely Rare, Classic Technique of Meditation

 You Do a Mental Exercise

You Gently Repose in Deep Meditation

 You're Given a Quick Method — in 15 Minutes

 You Master a Powerful, Adept Technique — to Last a Lifetime

*See our special "Sword of Truth" Lesson on "Why Mindfulness is not Deep Meditation."

NOTE: Our OJAYA Mastery Course graduates enjoy these green checkmarks every day. It's easy! We invite you to take the Course and experience OJAYA for yourself.

 From personal experience:

After trekking the globe for 40+ years and exploring methods of countless traditions, I found that OJAYA reigns supreme as the most blissful, powerful and rare art of classic deep meditation — and so easy to learn for people everywhere.

I invite you to join me on a brand new adventure — to rediscover and experience the long-lost secrets of OJAYA for yourself — and you won't have to wander the world for decades ... like I did ...

... because all the Lessons are now waiting for you ... online ... with easy videos we produced with love at our not-for-profit school — here in the Earthborn Rainforest.


Sukaishi David
Sukaishi David

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