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Go Beyond
“The Power of Now”

Eckhart Tolle and Oprah

Oprah made Eckhart Tolle famous.

But is anyone actually getting “enlightened” with The Power of Now?

And … is the “now” really the ultimate key to Enlightenment?

Stop searching for
your power in the "now."

Your power does not come from any so-called "now." The ancient meditation masters did not talk this way.

Your power is far away from all your ideas and philosophies of the "now" — and all your endless efforts to "be in the now."

Where is your power?

Your power has always been with you ... close to you ... hidden quietly ... deep within your own consciousness ... deep within YOU.

The simple way to access your power is not by all your efforts to "be more present," but rather by taking a dive — deep within — with the blissful technique of classic deep meditation.

— Sukaishi David

Be prepared to rethink Tolle’s fundamental ideas about “living in the now” as Sukaishi David explores the classic wisdom of OJAYA Deep Meditation in this down-to-earth talk.

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“Do not believe in what you have heard. Do not believe in anything because it is rumoured and spoken by many.”
— the Buddha (Kalama Sutta)

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