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This video will challenge common ideas you may have held about meditation, mindfulness and the path to Enlightenment.

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero
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What is True, Classic Meditation?

A rather shocking “Wake Up!” session with Sukaishi David

Sukaishi David reads out complaints that he’s received from people who were taking his OJAYA Deep Meditation Course. His response is completely unexpected, as he weaves an entire talk of profound knowledge that is bound to change your understanding of meditation — forever.

Drawing his “Sword of Truth,” Sukaishi explains in wonderful detail how meditation works, using the yoga terms of dharana, dhyana and samadhi — with some surprising firecrackers along the way!

OJAYA is True Classic
Deep Meditation

Some points to ponder before you invest your time into a daily meditation practice:

Today’s world is awash in superficial, watered-down practices of meditation and mindfulness.

Today you find hastily-learned, highly popularized methods that promise you great results …

Yet as these methods consume your valuable time, you find they lack the strength to take you very far … or very deep.

Let’s turn back the clock and understand that …

  True classic OJAYA Deep Meditation is immensely more potent than today’s generic, highly diluted methods where you are told to simply “watch the breath” be “present” or observe what is happening in “the now.”

  Popular teachers today often instruct you to repeat words and phrases to yourself, such as, “May my mind be at peace.”

But true deep meditation doesn’t happen this way.

  OJAYA Deep Meditation takes you far beyond all words, visualizations and mindful “chores.” OJAYA pulls you deep within to thoroughly soak you in the calm, blissful depths of your own Self.

  True deep meditation is free of all efforts, concentration, and mental gymnastics … because …

  True meditation is a refreshing let go … a deep surrender.

  True, authentic meditation isn’t learned in 5 or 15 minutes, but instead is a deeply relaxing step-by-step training that is pure joy from the very start.

  When you take a little time to learn the simple OJAYA teachings, deep meditation becomes absolutely easy, blissful, restful and energizing.

  “Guided meditations” keep you outwardly engaged as you listen to various verbal instructions thus you can never relax 100% and dive fully into your serene depths.

To reach deep into the tranquil ocean of your Being, you must leave all guides behind to embark on your own self-empowered, self-guided inner journey.

  You quickly develop clear, calm energy and core inner strengthnaturally and effortlessly — when you take a little time to honor yourself and receive the pure, authentic OJAYA Deep Meditation teachings.

  Once learned, you now hold in your heart the rare, time-honored classic secrets of true deep meditation … to cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

This is the way of OJAYA.

— Sukaishi David

Welcome to the

OJAYA Deep Meditation Course

Deep Meditation

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Learn the Easy, Ancient Anti-Stress “Armor” Meditation Technique.

Would you guess he’s in his 60s?

Sukaishi David

Did you know … ?

More than 99% of all the “meditations” you see popularized today do not qualify as true, authentic techniques of classic deep meditation.

… Do you know why?

Mindfulness methods, breath practices, guided meditations and various mental exercises certainly have their own values, yet none of these can offer you the fruits of effortless, blissful, ultra-deep meditation.

What is deep meditation?
What are its fruits?

You’ll learn these rare adept secrets … here online with videos from the OJAYA Deep Meditation Mastery Course — as you experience the classic OJAYA “Armor” technique for clear, calm energy, youthful aging, and deep, inner awakening.

German man practicing OJAYA meditation technique.

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Read these pages mindfully to discover long-lost secrets of deep, blissful meditation — from our not-for-profit rainforest school ...

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